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Christianity & Communication Studies Network

As the Executive Director of the Christianity and Communication Studies Network, I provide resources to Christian faculty, administrators, and students in Christian and secular higher education. Those outside the Academy, like pastors and lay professionals, are also drawn to our content. Please check out our website (www.theccsn.com) and follow the CCSN on Facebook to get a sense of what resources are available for you.


I mentor colleagues and students who want to become more faithful and effective communicators in all areas of life, and who want to participate in professional and academic research and publish books. I also help prepare students who are interested in pursuing doctoral studies in communication. My students present papers at the National Communication AssociationReligious Communication Association, and other regional conferences. Several of my students have published research in peer-reviewed journals and other academic venues. I learn as much from my students as I do when I teach them.

Education & Awards

I earned an MA and PhD in Communication from Regent University, Virginia, and I am licensed to practice law in Virginia. I also hold master’s degrees in education and counseling. After joining Spring Arbor University’s faculty in 2001, I received the Graduate Faculty Scholar Award, the Faculty Merit Award on three separate occasions, the Second Mile Service Award, and two Faculty Scholarship and Research Appointments. I was Visiting Research Scholar, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Institute for Communications Research. I served as the President of the Religious Communication Association. I was named Scholar of the Year by RCA in 2013. One of my recent books with Kevin Healey (University of New Hampshire) on Ethics and Religion in the Age of Social Media (Routledge), recently received the Book of the Year Award by the Religious Communication Association.


My articles appear in journals such as the Review of Religious ResearchJournal of Media and Religion, Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Christian Scholar’s ReviewChristian Higher Education, Journal of Media Ethics, among others. Explore selected publications.

Jonathan Pettigrew (Arizona State University) and I have an edited collection due out in 2022 titled Professing Christ: Christian Tradition and Faith-learning Integration in Public Universities (Integratio Press, 2022).

Note: If you want a podcast on faith, communication, and culture with substance, you can follow Paul’s podcast titled “Soul Stirrings.”

Personal Interests

When I’m not teaching or writing I enjoy playing with our four-legged children (three dogs), playing my guitar, learning banjo and mandolin, and working on my Hall and Oates cover band with my wife. I love watching soccer and 1980 action-adventure films (sometimes at the same time), gardening, training dogs, and trying my hand at any number of do-it-yourself home improvement projects. My most popular was a bookshelf wall where one of the bookshelves is a door to a hidden room.

Books by Tim

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